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 Part 3 of Exorcist Chronicles

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PostSubject: Part 3 of Exorcist Chronicles   Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:05 pm

So in this part, i will not talk about Jutsus or Clans but about something much essential that is needed in every game, especially in a game that focuses so much on the missions.
What i am talking about is: Items, Weapons, Armor

Items are needed in every game. No matter in what Naruto game you go, be it rip or not, you will see some items in it that gives you an edge in battle.
So i came here to suggest some items that could be in.

*Poison Gas- An aoe that posions your enemy and makes them slower
*Stepping Thorns- It had a japanese name and shit but i forgot it xD Anyway, it shoots out a wave of thorns unequally that when someone steps on it, they will get some big dmg and they are again slowed down.
*Chain-Homing Weapon that paralyzes for a short time
*Reverse Summoning Tag- First you set the tag at a place, then if you use it you will tele to the place it was set, great for escaping purposes or fast transport.

*Sword-Do i really have to explain it?
*Chakra Blade- This little fellow uses ninjutsu to deal dmg and also boosts your nin alittle. It should also be a good way to train your nin :3
*Hidden Wire- If fused with tag bombs, if anyone passes by it in any direction, they go boom. Deals nice dmg.
*Four Elements Blade xD- A tourney items that allows you to buy jutsus from all elements without limitations like you need a other jutsu before the one you actually want.
Jutsu Scroll- ... just forget dis xD

*Senju Armor- Increases Def and smg against Ninjutsu
*Namikaze Cloack- Makes you move alot faster.
And soooooo on....

Well you know where i am aiming.
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Part 3 of Exorcist Chronicles
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