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 Part 2 of Exorcist Chronicle

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PostSubject: Part 2 of Exorcist Chronicle   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:51 am

Uzumaki Clan

*Rasengan-A orb in hand that you will use to hit someone. After uses you will get Oodama Rasengan
*Multi Shadow Clone- Makes more and Stronger ones than in non clan.
*Uzumaki Rendan- Makes the clones impact on target dealing massive dmg multiple times
*Rasenshuriken- The ace of Uzumaki clan. At first its like Rasengan. BUT, If it hits, it will summon a giant wind sphere which is actually an aoe that dmgs. So it is 2 big massive dmg at once but it also damages you.
As you master it you will learn to throw it and thus leaving yourself from harm
*And my personal favorite... Mini Rasenshuriken.... This little devil deals like half the dmg of Rasenshuriken but its cd is REALLY low..... -grin-

*Dark Voud Seal-Creates a magic circle that freezez everyone that Steps into it.
*Chakra Chains-M Paralyzing Homing

*Sage Mode- OP boost with Byakigan effect.
Frog Kempo- A 3tiled Aoe punch with a cd like normal punch.


*Bubblee Dome-Protects you and everyone next to you.
*Blinding Bubble- Shoots one bubble out that blinds.
*Sticky Slime-You leave out stains that bind your opponent. RLLY low cd ;D
*Exploding Bubbles- Sends cont waves of bubbles that explode on impact. The dmg is semi slow but there are ALOT and if you are caught in the waves you cant get out.
*Great Bubble World- Releases ALOT of Bubbles into every dirrection, they deal little dmg but there are again ALOT and i mean ALOT
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Part 2 of Exorcist Chronicle
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