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 Shade's Staff Applictaion

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PostSubject: Shade's Staff Applictaion   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:01 pm

Byond key:RisenAgainst97

In-game Name:Shade

What spot are you applying for: Anything you give me I am not particularly picky, I'd like to Start at Enforcer and work my way up..

Can you?

Code: A little not my strong suit


Map: I am a very good mapper, one of the best on BYOND.


Interface: I can Interface.

Anything Else: I would be a great addition to the Evolution staff. I am not to quick to punish I would want to hear both sides of the story. I will listen to my subordinates (anyone higher rank than me) I haven't official met all of the staff except for Haruka he sounds nice and fair.. The Gameplay and Training is really good.. Nice Programming. I showed Niro/MasterMind my pokemon game I mapped for him, I think he seemed interested.. So my name is Shade and I leave my regards to the one in charge of promoting staff, I hope you pick the best person right for the job, and Thank you...
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Shade's Staff Applictaion
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