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 Mizukage App. Divinity

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PostSubject: Mizukage App. Divinity   Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:55 pm

What village are you from:

Why do you want to be kage:
Mist currently does not have a kage or a leader, and if it has the leader is never on as, i am on most of the time day and night, and is often the only online player there. so i can also help them too. without a mizukage the players in mist cannot move foward and i hope i am able to fill tht position to help improve mist by helping the players with knowledge of the game too.

Are you suited as a leader among many people:
To be completely honest. Naruto Next evolution is new to me so not many but the ones iveh elped in mist would.. But Ive had experience from several naruto games
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Mizukage App. Divinity
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