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 Repion's Moderator/Enforcer Application

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PostSubject: Repion's Moderator/Enforcer Application   Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:22 am

Byond key: Joshaboy

In-game Name: Repion

What spot are you applying for: Moderator/Enforcer

Can you?

Code: I can code if I have to. I actually really don't enjoy coding.

Icon: No, Icon's never interested me though.

Map: I can map. Just like anyone can, It's not that hard though.

GFX: Nope, I cannot make special pictures and such. Also I can use Photoshop when it's necessary.

Interface: Actually, I'm learning this. I kinda enjoy making interfaces.

Anything Else: Well, I just wanted to say this: I love to help people when they need some help. Actually I got a lot of expierence in being a Moderator/Enforcer. I don't like people who swear. And there are alot of people who do that unfortunatly. Well my time zone is GMT+1, I don't know if it is necessary but I just wanted to tell you guys. I can also have an eye on the game while the other Admins/Moderators/Enforcers are offline. Well anyway, Thanks for taking some time to read my application, I'll see you guys in the game!

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Repion's Moderator/Enforcer Application
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