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 Aisu's Programmer/Admin Application

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PostSubject: Aisu's Programmer/Admin Application   Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:10 am

Byond key: Adlofs

In-game Name:Aisu VII

What spot are you applying for:Programmer/Admin

Can you?

Code:Yes. This is why I am applying. I'm at the Intermediate Level. Every day I'm learning new things in the Programming World. I have prior knowledge to the N:E source, since I do have a copy of my source. I used to Host/Program my N:E RIP until I shut it down.

Proof 1.

Proof 2.

If you need more proof, contact me on MSN. alexzuless@live.[com]

Icon:This is a joke right? Hell no!

Map: Of course, I like mapping, but I am not applying for this.

GFX: Eh, I practice sometimes.

Interface: Learning.

Anything Else: If I become Admin, I will start Chunin Exams every 2 hours, plus I will help new players, and old players. I already know all the bugs, so I will probably fix the bugs, in the source.

I also would like to add, I am 1 of the Veteran Players of old N:E. When Crazah + Reformist + Hishido were still around.
I indeed, know alot about the old Jutsus.
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Aisu's Programmer/Admin Application
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