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 Moderator/Enforcer App

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PostSubject: Moderator/Enforcer App   Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:35 am

Byond key:Ushino
In-game Name:Mindara
What spot are you applying for:Enforcer or Mod
Can you?
Icon:Learning how to
Anything Else:
I can really be useful to you guys I can tell you who has been doing right and wrong or who needs to be banned for a little while.I can also help with some ideas and while you guys are away or on vacation and basically do part of your job for you and most of the time I go around asking people what they need help with. I have experience with being part of a staff and I hope you see the potential that I have to be a great staff member.Thank you
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Moderator/Enforcer App
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