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 Beginners Guide

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PostSubject: Beginners Guide   Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:47 pm

Beginners Guide to Naruto: Next Evolution

Hi new players, i hope this helps u guys to understand a bit better the game and have fun with it.

Lets begin with basic stuff:

Basic Controls: ( u can see some of this when u log in to game)
-There are a few preset macros in the game those are:

1= Rabbit
2= Snake
3= Horse
4= Monkey
5= Dragon
Q= Rat
W= Ox
E= Dog

Attack= A

Block= D

Space= Execute Jutsu

F1-F8= Hotkeys

Arrows= Move

View Stats= O

View Jutsus (icon)= P

View Justus (info)= Click jutsu tab under chat box ( this lets you see all your jutsus with its level, handseals and rank)

Change Channel= Click channel tab under chat box ( this lets u switch between chats like world,(OOC) or say, whisper etc..)

See Skill Tree= click skill tree between Options and Jutsu tab, (This lets u open an interface that lets u purchase skills with skill points)

Close/Open Chat= Click chat under chat box

See options panel= Click Options tab next to Skill tree tab, (this shows up another tab that gives some options like: Reconnect, or Who list)

Report a Bug= Click bug report next to the right corner chat box ( this shows up an interface to report any bug u find in game READ CAREFULLY THE RULES SPECIFIED FOR BUG REPORT



- This game leveling system consist in gaining the amount of experience needed to level up wich can be seen by pressing ''O'' key and look the numbers next to EXP, as shown in the pic:

Now, there are some ways to get exp, u can get exp by gaining stats or just by doing missions or killing players and get direct exp without any stat gain.


-Gaining Stats:
Gainig stats is almost the same as getting exp for leveling, but you gotta see the numbers next to its name:

Ok. each stat can be trained by a way and also helps in diffrent jutsus, because u can find jutsus str based and also nin based and some are agi based too, but, lets see how we can train each stat and what benefit does it give.


****Each Strenght lvl gives u 1 exp point****

-Benefit: Melee hits such as punch, kaiten, empty palm, gates jutsus etc...

-Clans that need it: Jashin, Hyuuga, Paper, Puppeter, Kaguya (also helps gates, its not a clan but it got alot of jutsus so we can say its one)

-How to train it:
There are 3 ways to level up strenght, those are:

*Punching Logs:
You can find logs in any village, this are helpful for begginers as they have low str they will take a while to break, but it isnt that good when u have high tai since they break easily.

*Hit Players or NPCS:
Another way to lvl up this stat is to hit anything that gives u str exp, players and npcs this is better at high level because u can find a high hp player and train on him alot of time + he can regen to its easier, this also represent a benefit for both, the person that hits gets str exp and the person that gets hitted get def exp. In my opinion this is the best way to train str/tai.

*Climb Mountains:
In this game there are mountains also that can be climbed by standing infron of them and press in a fast sequence D + up arrow. And then u need to continue the arrow sequence that appears around ur icon.

TIP: if u want to lvl up str without going up just press left and right arrow alot of times, u get 2 exp each use on str exp, this training method is good if ur at high tai and u have no one to hit.


****Each Ninjutsu lvl gives u 1 Exp point****

-Benefit: Increases the damage of all the nin-based jutsus ( almost all jutsus)

-Clans that need it: Uchiha, Uzumaki, Puppeter, Sand, Clay, Nara, Aburame, Inuzuka, Curse Clan, Bubble clan, Ink, Kakuzu, Crystal, and also all the element jutsus, basically nin is one of the most important stats in the game.

-How to train it: The are ALOT of jutsus that gives nin exp, making this the only way to lvl it up, using jutsus, in all the jutsus of the game there are 2 that give pretty good nin exp and in my opinion, are the best for training this stat, the gravity jutsus (yeah the pain ones)

*Gravitation Jutsus (Induction,Repulsion): This jutsus can be foun over non-clan skills, in skill tree, their price is 2 skill points, but it's worth it believe me. Their icon is an arrow down (Induction) and an Arrow up (Repulsion), look the pic down there:

Click this

Buy them, they look like this:


****Each Genjutsu lvl gives u 1 exp point****

-Benefit: Increases over all damage with gen based skills like Tsukiyomi, also increases the effects of some bind jutsus based on Gen like Fist of Nirvana

-Clan that need it: Uchiha

-How to Train it:
Gen is a particularly hard stat to lvl up due to the lack of gen jutsus but there are some and they are :

The most popular jutsu for gainin gen, there are many clones kinds on the game such as:

Shadow Clones:
-Gives good gen experience and also good for trainign def/ agi in other ppl, it can be found over Non-clan skills, it looks like this:

Crow Clone Jutsu:
-Itachi's jutsu, not that good for training but guess it works, it can be found over Non-Clan Skills and it looks like this:

Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu:
-This is the naruto's ability, probably the best jutsu on game for training gen, it creates like 5 shadows clone giving high gen exp, its over Non-Clan skills and it looks like this:

*Transformation Jutsu:
-Not good, not bad, it gives like 10 gen exp each use but its helpful when clones are turned off, this is a pre-set jutsu, u begin game with it, just check jutsu list to see handseals.


***Each defence Lvl gives u 1 exp point****

-Benefit: Reduced overall damage melee, and jutsu damage, but some of them are ''piercing'' that means they will do always same damage no matter what defence

-Clans that need it: All.

-How to train it:
There is only 1 way to get defence, and it getting hitted by someone, this ways are:

*Player Spar:
- U ask another player to spar so he hits u and u hit him, u also get str exp Razz

*Clone Hitting:
- Also u can just get someone that can shadow clone or multple shadow clone to make cloens to hit you and get def, this is the best cuz u dont have to do anything Smile.


****Each Agility lvl gives u 1 exp point****

-Benefit: Helps to avoid melee hits

-Clans that need it:All, but specially for chidori and raikiri jutsu users.

-How to Train it:
Training Agility is very simple, there are 3 ways to train it, those are:

*Block when someone uses Sickle Weasel Slash jutsuu (wind):
-If u press d when this jutsu is about to hit you u will dodge it, best way to train it is to get some player to do it on you, this is a wind technique and can be found on element skills section in skill tree, it looks like this:

(sorry, it looks dark cuz i dont have wind element)

* Block when someone uses Chidori Needles Jutsu:
-Same as sickle weasel slash but this time with ligthing element, this jutsu can be found in Element section in skill tree and it looks like this:

(Sorry, dark too isnt my element)

*Clone Training
-Clones also can be used for agi u just need to be hitted by them and press D key and u will start dodgin, very good also.

Ok. those are the stats that give Exp points, now, there are some stats too that doesnt give exp but they are important also, those are Health and Chakra.

But to level this u need something called Stat Points, the stat points are 3 points u get every level to use em to lvl up stat that have an arrow in their name ( i know other stats have it, but dont waster your stat points on str or agi ordef, focuz on hp and chakra only), however this is what determinates how much chakra/health u will have ofc with more lvl more stat points and with more stat points, more hp and chakra.

Ok we already saw stats now lets get to missions, another way to get experience is by doing missions, u can get one a ur village kage house, there will always be a kage secretary that will be giving missions, there are a variety of ranks for missions in the game there are :

-Rank D:
*Usually talk with npcs
*Also pick flowers
Gives: 151 ryo, 8/4 exp
No reqs

-Rank C:
*Pick strange flowers
Gives: 10 exp
Must be LvL 13

-Rank B:
*Kill missing-nin players
Gives: 16 exp
Must be chunnin

-Rank A:
*Kill enemy villagers
Gives: 601ryo , 20 exp
Must be Jounin

Ok now a little guide of how to get missions:

Step 1.
Check ur village closest npc (in this case its called Aiko)

Step 2.
Go to ur kage house and find secretary (in this case im in sand village)

Step 3.
Only accept the mission that says talk with the npc u choosen, decline all others untill u get the one u want. (in this case, Aiko)

It isnt nearest npc (Aiko) so decline

It is nearest npc (Aiko) so accept

Step 4.
Go again to npc

Step 5.
Double click the npc and a new tab will show up, when it shows up click ''Ok''

Step 6.
Then look at the right corner chat box and you will see a text like this:

Step 7.
Then after doing mish u gotta wait a 5 minutes cooldown to do another and u just start the steps again.

Killing Players:

Ok the last way to get exp and the most efective also is just killing enemy villages players, you get like 17 exp each kill, this is the fastest way to get high lvl and is also very easy.



Getting Jutsus:

Getting jutsus on this game is like almost all te naruto games, u gotta buy them in skill tree,but, to buy jutsus u will need skill points. U can get skill points by lvling, when u level up u get 1 skill point, dependeing in the skill the cost will be higer or lower for example a strong jutsu like kirin costs 4 skill points while a weak jutsu like fireball costs 1 point, the skill points can be seen pressing ''O'' key, its the second number in stat points.

Guide to getting jutsus

Step 1.
Click Skill Tree

Step 2.
Find the skill your looking in one of the 3 sections of skill tree

Step 3.
When u find the skill click it and then click yes

Using Jutsus

To use Jutsus on this game u gotta purchase jutsu first, then after purchased u just gotta follow this instructions:

Step 1.
Click Jutsus tab under chat box

Step 2.
Look for the jutsu u purchased and see he handseals it got

Step 3.
Then start using it, when u reach 100 uses from that jutsu you will b able to put it on hotkey bar, to see ur progress or if u need to drag it to hotkey bar press ''P'' key to see all ur jutsu icons.

well guess thats alll atm, later i will add bank, barber clothes seller, weapons etc...
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Beginners Guide
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