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 enforcer/moderator app

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PostSubject: enforcer/moderator app   Mon May 14, 2012 11:08 am

Byond key:Michael.smith94
In-game Name:Ryuu
What spot are you applying for:Enforcer/moderator
Can you?Code:No, but I have begun to, I have my own basic structure of a little tiny game I have made.
Icon:Yes a little bit, I've messed about with it, and can achieve a lot more

Other - I just wanted to apply as I have played all versions of this game for quite some time. I am on this game from morning till night pretty much me literally everyday and I do feel as though from what I see, a lot of people wanting help, or a good few trouble makers, for example killing new players. I think niti and niro do a great job as it is, however I think the game could do with a few more people to enforce the rules and provide help to keep the players happy. I think I would be able to a great job in this field as I am very willing to provide my upmost support to players that need help, I can ensure the rules are being followed, and I am on the game from morning till night at the most which is very very often. Although the most important in my opinion, is that I am very friendly, and I am not an ass hole who thinks the world of themselves (pardon my French) however this does not mean that I can't be strict, when it comes to rules I obey them, no questions.

Also, I have posted a lengthy portion of suggestions here at this link as well, to make the game a better experience..

Also ill just add that I think the game needs more clothes and I'd be more than happy to create all sorts of new ones, as I wouldn't find it that hard !
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enforcer/moderator app
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