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 Rules For The Game

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PostSubject: Rules For The Game   Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:03 am

The rules are simple (More rules will be added later or once we find out more that needs to be ruled)

Rule 1: No killing new players - Boot, ban for a certain amount of time (NOT PERM)

Rule 2: No Bug abusing - Mute, Boot, Ban (Can be a long ban, can also be a short depends what kind of bug

Rule 3: No pushing the clones to train Defence And Or Agility - Boot, Stat drain.

Rule 4: No swearing/cursing. - Mute

Rule 5: No Asking for Staff positions unless if you ask on the forums "Dev-Team App Category" - Mute

Rule 6: Don't ask for any in-game positions unless you meet the standards - Mute

Rule 7: No Asking for Element Change - Mute

Rule 8: No Admin disrespecting - Mute

Rule 9: No Staff abusing - Loses staff spot

Rule 10: No AFK training - Permanent Ban

Rule 11: No killing people under level 5 - How to spot them, they have no clothes on.
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Rules For The Game
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