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 My suggestions

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PostSubject: My suggestions   Tue May 01, 2012 5:44 am

Plz read them when you have time

Rasengan i beleive must be non clan jutsu but for learn it you will have found Jiraiya who will be hidden on random place on game map and every 3 hours hes position will change so will not be easy founded
when you masterise rasengan you will be able learn oodama rasengan and if you have wind element and you have masterised and your oodama rasengan you will be able learn fuuton rasenshurinken .

So for rasengan we need found jiraiyia and rasengan dmg will be
Level 1: rasengan: x3 nin x2 tai
Level 2: rasengan x3.5 nin x2.5 tai
Level 3: rasengan x4 nin x3 tai
Masterised rasengan will not do more damage but you will have to press only 2 Arrow keys before use it and not 4

For oodama rasengan you will need learn rasengan and masterised and the damage will be like

level 1 : x4 nin x 4 tai
level 2 : x5 nin x5 tai
level 3 : x6 nin x6 tai
level 4 : you will have to use 2 arrow keys and not 4 same damage as level 3

for fuuton rasen shurinken you will have to masterised oodama rasengan and at same time have wind as element fuuton will be throwed and will follow opoment and will not be like the other rasengans

Level 1: x10 nin
Level 2: x12 nin
Level 3: x14 nin
Level 4: x 16 nin and you will have press 2 buttons not 4 before you throw it

Stats: i beleive stats must inrease chakra and hp
so str (also known as tai ),def will inrease hp by 10
when Nin , Gen chakra by 8
agility will inrease chakra by 4 and hp by 6
DEF: will decrease all forms of damage by 1 not only basic attacks or tai based attacks

Sage mode :

You will be able select him when you select clan and on skill tree will look like that
Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant
Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon <Frog kata < Sage meditiation (1st skill you can learn) > Twin Rasengan >Sage art: Goemon

skills description:

1st skill Sage meditiation: when you use it you will lose all your chakra and based on how much chakra you had use sage mode boosts will be last for longer max will be 30 secs and less 6 secs so by press R you will gather the natural chakra arround of you
Sage med will give you like 35% nin and 35% str
(for every 100 chakra will be 1 sec if you have only 300 chakra will not be 3 secs but 6 as i say if you have 3000 chakra will be max means 30 secs for every chakra more than 3000 you have will remain into you as naturan energy )
Re use time : 30 secs

Frog Kata : will give extra 10% str you need be under sage med effects for use it and your normal attacks will canot be dodged and will hit from 2 turfs away not 1 as now that effects will last until your sage mode finish
chakra: 400
Re use time: 30 sec
Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant : (when you are under sage mode effects on your back you will have Shima and Fukashaku ) so when you going use that skill you will have press 4 arrow keys like the rasengan for use it after you use you will send some yellow circles to your targeted opoment that circles will move for 10 turfs if your opoment get hited will take damage and he will get stuned :
level 1: x10 of your gen + 2 sec stun
level 2: x12 of your gen + 3 sec stun
level 3: x14 of your gen + 4 sec stun
level 4: x16 of your gen + 5 sec stun
Chakra 500
Re use time: 25 sec

Sage Art: Hair Needle Senbon: will throw some needles from your hair that will deal damage

level 1: 2 needles damage x1 tai x1 nin
level 2: 3 needles damage x1.2 tai x1.2 nin
level 3: 4 needles damage x1.4 tai x1.4 nin
level 4: 5 needles damage x1.6 tai x1.6 nin
Chakra: 40
Re use time : 3 sec

TWin rasengan : (sage users will not need found jiraiyia for learn rasengan ) if you know rasengan you will be able learn twin rasengan and is going to work like that 1st of all you create 2 rasengans and damage will be based and on your normal rasengan :
level 1: x2 damage of normal rasengan
level 2: x2 damage of normal rasengan +10%
level 3: x2 damage of normal rasengan +20%
level 4: x2 damage of normal rasengan + 30%
Chakra: x2 of rasengan
RE use like rasengan re use time if you use twin rasengan you will not be able use rasengan and if you use rasengan you will not be able re use twin rasengan

Sage art Goemon: combine fire earth and oil with helo of shima and fukashaku dealing heavy nin damage:
level 1 : x6 nin + burning 40% extra damage
level 2: x8 nin + bruning 50% extra damage
level 3: x10 nin + burning 60% extra damage
level 4: x12 nin + burning 70% extra damage
Chakra : 600
RE use time : 20 sec

Uzumaki clan :

1st of all for uzumakis i ve 2 diference ideas one is they stay as they are but they are able get sage meditiation frog kata and twin rasengan but for learn them they must found jiraiyia they cant get the rest of the skills

2ond idea : they will be able learn sage med frog kata and twin rasengan like before with excacly the same way (found jiraiyia)
but all their skills epxect the seal one will be removed and the new 3 skills will be

1st : Jutsu seal: for the rest 4 secs will not be able use any jutsus
Chakra: 100
Re use time : 10 sec
RAnge: 2 turfs
Seals : 1,4,4

2ond: the curently sealing jutsu

3rd: DEath consuming seal: creating a ghost above him make you unable use R and until your chakra finish by pressing F to your opoments once for hold them and then attack them they will fall with 1 hit
that skill will use 100 chakra per sec + 2% of your max chakra
when someone got hited by your death consuming seal based on hes current hp you will lose chakra 1hp=1 chakra
if your chakra went to 0 you will imidialty die being losing all your 2 lifes

4th: Chakra tailed mode: (if bijous isnt adding like only 9 person can have them )
for learn it you will have beat Kyuubi on 1v1 fight you will must found waterfull of truth inside the waterfull will be a secret turf and if you stay to that turf for 5 secs without press any button you will get into a room and you will have fight kyuubi if you win it you will be able learn Chakra tailed mode

when you are under chakra tailed mode you will not be able have sage mode at same time all your body will become yelllow ( or maybe an option whant colour you want being added ) and you will be able use only non clan jutsus or clan jutsus and if you meet some special conditions you will learn 2 new jutsus that will be able used only under chakra tailed mode yellow flash you need 150 agility i

Bijoudama rasengan you need masterised rasengan + 200 nin + 150 tai + br 60 level at least

Yellow flash will be like the currently one jutsu

Bijoudama rasengan : will deal damage x16 of nin x15 tai + stun your opoment for 2 secs your bijoudama rasengan will make an red explosion will be red as colour and will be used at excacly the same way as rasengan

Chakra : 1000
Re use time 20 sec

OK nice but if that way being used what all the other skills be ahaaa a new non clan <<clan>> will be added with name Space time users that will have as skills all the current uzumaki skills

their rasengan i beleive must be Agility nin based
Level 1: x4 nin x4 agility
Level 2 : x5 nin x5 agility
Level 3: x6 nin x6 agility
Level 4: x7 nin x7 agillity

will be used with excacly the same way
but as new skills will have
Hinraisin teleportation how that being used excaly the same way as kawarimi you set a place and by press Z (not D of course) you will teleport there but will be a big diference the cooldown and if you have cath someone by F you will take him with you and at same time you will make him lose hes advanced kawarimi place ( so you will be able use it for trap the others or make them unable for run away from you by use advanced kawarimi )
Chakra: 200
Re use time : 5 sec

Space time Seal: you set a seal on target so even if your target move out of range from you you will still have the target kept epxect if you press TAB or change it or if the target change map or if 10 secs that the seal keep pass
so by using yellow flash even if the target is like 100 turfs away you will insant teleport to him

Chakra : 100
RE use ttime : 12 sec
Range : 1 turf away
Seals 1,4,1,4

Ultimate Space time jutsu :

Teleport your target next to you and stun him for 2 secs if your target has any on going jutsus will be canceled

Chakra: 600
Re use time : 10 sec

Elementalist: if you are non clan you will be able get elementalist as <<Clan>> if you did that you will be able learn 3rd element and at same time only elementalist will be able get combination elements (lava,ice ,strom , crystal and any other special element can get on game )

Uchiha: MS special conditions for get it and based on how you get it diferent skills

as i say MS is the ultimate sharingan for uchiha clan so cant be geted like that same for EMS
so for get it you will need be at least 30 level have 100 nin and gen together and at least 20 nin or gen if you meet that reqs then you will have kill 5 uchihas ( players ) without die after you did that you will unlock your MS and based when you 1st get 100 nin and gen together what was biger nin or gen you will get another jutsus for ms so if after you buy your ms with your SP will be some diferences
1st of all everyone will get the current amaterasu and tsukuyumi but based on what stat was more will get diference susano for more nin you will get sasuke susano

Damage for sasuke susano:
level1: x4nin
level2: x6 nin
level3: x8nin
level4:x10 nin

sasuke susano will throw arrows per 2 secs to your target your target will able aboid them
Sasuke susano will block 50% of incoming damage but per sec you have it on you will lose 100 chakra + 2% of your max chakra
if your ms close and susano will auto close

Itatchi susano:
damage :
will hit on 3 turfs aoe around you every 2 secs
Level1: x1 of your gen
LEvel2: x2 of your gen
level3: x3 of your gen
level4: x4 of your gen
also per hit will have 10% chjances stun the target for 3 sec and deal extra damage x10 of your gen

Itatchi susano will block 40% of incoming damage and will drain 1% of your max chakra per sec + 100 chakra if your ms close and susano will auto close

differenses between the nin and gen

GEN from 20-40 : Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique: stun the target for 3 secs
Chakra 100
Re use time: 10 secs
if your opoment is moving when you use the attack will dodged

GEN from 41-59: Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change : use it on your target and if havent lost your target the next jutsu from that target that hits you will deal damage back to the target
Chakra : 250
Re use time 15
Range: 4 turfs

GEN from 60-80: Izanami: when you use it like tsukuyumi you make your opoment comletely stuned but at same time you will be able move unlike tsuyumi that make you unable to move as you cast it but when you use you will lose sharingan boosts you will be unable re open sharingan for the rest 10 secs
your target will be stuned for 4 secs and will take per sec damage based on your gen
level1: x3 gen damage per sec
level2: x4 gen damage per sec
level3: x5 gen damage per sec
level4: x6 gen damage per sec
Chakra: 1000
Re use: 30 sec
Range: 4 turfs
Cast time : 0.5 sec after 0.5 sec pass your opoment will take the effects but if your opoment escape from the range of izanami that is going to be will be realy bad ( you will lose sharingan for the rest 10 secs and use a lot of chakra )

NIN from : 20-40: Amaterasu form 2: you will set the field on flames and everyone who do the wrong be in touch with the turfs that is in flame will caught under amaterasu effects and at same time if you stay on that fields you will take even extra damage : damage based on your based amaterasu damage

NIN from 41-59: Amaterasu shield: you use amaterasu around of you so everyone that hiting you with close range taijutsu or if he being hited by your basic attacks will caught amaterasu effects damage based on your based amaterasu damage

NIN from 60-80 : Yasaka Magatama: need having susano activate combines a lot of magatama together for throw a stong shurinken dealing damage based on your susano + on nin:
level1: x5of your nin
level2: x7of your nin
level3: x9 of your nin
level4: x11 of your nin
Chakra: 400
RE use time: 5 sec

(so everyone will be able have just 4 extra jutsus when you learn amaterasu based on your sharingan you have awaken you will awaken and the other nin sharingan jutsus when you learn tsukuyumi you will awaken your other gen sharingan eye bases jutsus and when you learn susano based on what MS you have awaken you will take nin susano or gen susano if you have 50 nin and 50 gen then you will select nin or gen susano )

for EMS you will have get to 60 level and kill an uchiha who have MS
when you awaken EMS one of your based skills will be updated and at same time you will be able select 1 jutsu that cause you didnt meet the requirements you wasnt learn it and learn it example:
i awaken my MS with 80 nin 20 gen i will learn all the nin eye skills and only the 1st gen skill so when i get EMS i may select Izanami or Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change as skill for unlock and at same time when i get EMS i will be able get izanagi (i think is already in game )

if i had nin based susano my eyes will be nin bases so with ems the think that will updated is my susano is going to throw not arrow but amaterasus so if you get hited you will get based susano damage + caught under amaterasu
If i had gen based susano my eyes will be gen based so the jutsu is going to update is Tsukuyumi into eternal tsukuyumi so from now on your tsukuyumu will be used until you stop it, get stuned or your EMS stop
damage will be based on your tsukuyumi


D grade missions will be as they are now
C Grade missions: 13 level + for get it you will have to kill npc animal or other thinks like that (i blieve must added )
B Grade missions: 15 level or more + chuunin you will have go inside your opoment village and break a log or buy somethink (on villages must added village npcs and i beleive they must be strong and they will have like 5 mins re spawn)
A grade missions: 20 level or more + jounin you will have kill Chuunin or greater rank enemy villagers (that can be npcs or players doenst count)

S Grade missions: 25 level or more rank Jounin or more these missions is given only by the kage of the village (player) and for give new one will have cooldown like 20 mins and only 1 S grade mission can exist on every village
the kage will select on opoment player who is jounin or more for assisanite and you will have kill him into 20 mins without dieng that missions will give a lot of exp on your village and in general a lot of money and exp and stats to the player / squad

(kk fine but what is going to be if the other log out kk if he log out cause he had too you are unlucky if he log out cause he learn of the mission then kage or the man who take mission is idiot reason simple: S rank is top secret mission so you have to keep it secret until you complete it )

NPCS: will be 3 types of npcs : the currently existed that is helping for missions buy items and other thinks like that + jiraiyia npc if added or any other npc that wll be needed for get secret thinks
Animal npcs : will be away from villages inside the woods you will need kill them for C grade missions or for just faster way of training
village npcs: will protect the village from enemy raids

Village level: max level for village is going to be 100 ofc after wipes that will be seted back to 0
based on the village level you will be able have more ANBU or SAnnins
and the village npcs will be stronger
way for get exp killing Chuunin+ enemy village members finishing missions
conquer areas + for every hour you keep them more exp

Items + stats : i beleive must be items that will give stats and the equipments slots will be like that
Head, Pants: shirts , Boots, Weapon, Armor
and accesories will be just for change your appearance.

Head: will be protector your anbu mask, kage hat, Tobi mask Akatsuki hat.
Shirts: a lot as long you have ides for new shirts with other stats will be able added
Pants: same as shirts
Boots: same as shirts and ants
Armor: Robe, Chuunin vests , Kage Suit, Akatsuki suit, Sannin armor
Weapons: as many as you can add Wink

Ranks and items:
Academy studnets is the newbies.
Genin: will get their hedband protector
Chuunin: you did well so you will get your chuunin vest (is better that robe)
Jounin: you will be able finish A and S rank missions but at same time you will be able being targeted by other village S rank mission so you must be strong
ANBU:based on your village level you can have an amount of them you will get your anbu mask is giving more stats than protector
Sannin: you keep anbu mask and you take Sannin armor stronger than chuunin vest
Kage:You are the village leader you take the best armor and head exist

Akatsuki: geting akatsuki suit that giving same stats as kage suit leader of Akatsuki getting Tobi mask that giving same stats as kage hat + a little more Akatsuki hats giving same stats as anbu masks

Diplomacy: i beleive villages must be able have alliances and other thinks like that
when you get alliance with a village you will lost exp when you killing a member from that village like when you killing a member from your own village

That for now if you dont undarstand somethink plz tell it on me so i can re right it i hope you like my suggest and feel free to comment as you like
if i forgot somethink i wil lrigh here as long after 2 hours of righting i may forgot somethink thanks
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PostSubject: Re: My suggestions   Tue May 01, 2012 7:01 am

somethink i forgot Gates as non clan <<clan>>

when you start if you are non clan you will be able select youth power that will give extra 10% str and 10% agi as passive then you will be able get the gates but will be 6 th gate and if you are under effects of 6th gate you will be able use morning peackock
7th gate will give 20% agility 20% str more and you will be able use daytime tiger that will do heavy tai damage
Level1: x8 of tai
level2: x12 tai
level3:x16 tai
level4:x20 tai
Chakra: 1000
Re use time : 20 sec
RAnge: 6 tiles/turfs

8th gate: you will lose 50 hp per sec + 4% of your max hp you but you will take 100% less damage you will have 100% more tai 100% more agility and your body flicker will have 0 sec cooldown
when your hp reach 0 you will die and lost all your lifes
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My suggestions
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