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 Snake- Mizukage

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PostSubject: Snake- Mizukage   Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:32 pm

In-Game Name: Snake
Village Im from: Mist Village
Reason for becoming Mizukage: I want to help the Mist village, because im a nice caring person and will assist Anyone in need. I also would like to be the Mizukage cause there is currently none and i meet requirements and play quite alot. I will help any Mist Villagers with anything they Need and Im not one of those kind of ppl that only appoints his friends, different positions in the village.
Do i Deserve to be Mizukage: I think i do, cause I will definetly protect it and i will also be a very fair guy and i can solve lots of Problems, and did i Mention i was helpful? Very Happy
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Snake- Mizukage
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