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 Cam's Kage app

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PostSubject: Cam's Kage app   Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:55 am

My name is Cam and I'm applying to be hokage of my Village.

Do you meet req: Yes I meet the req.
What Village are you From: Im from the land of Fire.....KONAHAGAKURA!!
Are you worthy of being Kage: I'm pretty much known through out the village. I'm friendly and I will protect my vilage like all the past Hokage's from the Anime. The village is my home and I will protect it even if I'm not Hokage. Also I'm really helpful to my fellow villagers like when they need lvls i do squad missions like Niti did when I first joined. Pleases reconsider me for the vilages hokage.
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Cam's Kage app
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