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 Cam's Gm app / Iconning

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PostSubject: Cam's Gm app / Iconning   Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:15 am

Hi my name is Cam and Im applying for admin. I can icon and Im on most of the time. I am reall y know throughout the game and im willing to put all my other games aside and spend full time on this(Really I am anyways.)I will never abuse and help around, also i will never go or do things behind your back, but I wont be a push over or argue over petty stuff.I will respect you nor act like im better than anyone in any way no matter what rank they are. I want to cause a very bright future and let Naruto Next Evolution be Know all through Byond. I wanna help you an any way and Ill take care of the responcibilties to the best of my abillities and do it to the fullest. Please reconsider me.

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Cam's Gm app / Iconning
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