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 Itaku-sama's gm app :D

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PostSubject: Itaku-sama's gm app :D   Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:51 pm

Hello, i would like to apply for gm. i have been gm in sevral games and sites, i have been gm in 50% of rsps's (runescape private servers) i have been gm in bout 6 naruto games in the past 3 years. not bad right? (yes its bad so shut the fuck up and get on with the app) ffs..sorry god damn..dude..settle.. ok i was saying b4 i was rudly interupted..i will treat this game like its my own, i will be online every day, im on nights east pacific time. well i think thats all i got to say, i gotta go let my dog in shes being a "bitch" ~itaku sighning off~
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Itaku-sama's gm app :D
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