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 Updates - New things added.

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PostSubject: Updates - New things added.   Tue Mar 13, 2012 6:54 pm

I'll be posting what i've updated here (What I remember Surprised) :

Added Akatsuki Hideout.

Made warps from Mist to other locations to make the game bigger, I might make a rock village or rain next to the Mist Village.

Made 3 new jutsus for the Uzumaki clan, until we're completely done with Uzumaki, this will be non-clan so you can also experience how being an Uzumaki is.

Added Sasuke Robe.

Added shinobi gloves.

Changed Interface just a bit so it looks a bit more original. (didn't really change much about this.. xD)

I'm sure i've done more but as you know, all can forget.. Surprised xD
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Updates - New things added.
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