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 2 new jutsu eye steal and izanagi

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PostSubject: 2 new jutsu eye steal and izanagi   Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:07 pm

ok so i think it would be a good idea to add eye steal and izanagi
1: eye steal would let you steal the eye of a play but its speacl you get to steal sharingan ot byukugan there for youl get the same abilaty as the eye jutsu give the clan users but sharingan is a bit dif you take a uchiha's eye you cant turn it off it will use up you chakra the only way you stop it from using chakra is to cover it with a head band or bandages but he good things are you can use its jutsu like a uchiha plus you can get ms with it ms non-clans whould get with it whould be the jutsu kakashi uses unlike the uchiha who go blind the non-clan who uses ms wont go blind

2:izanagi now like last time you need sharingan but if you use izanagi youll loose a sharingan eye it will never re-open how ever youll only go have blind not full if you use the sharingan in your eye but i you want to extend izanagi's time limate you can go and colect sharingan and place em in your arm you can have only 10 in your arm like last time you use them youll loose one and it wont ever re-open each sharingan last 60-sec for izanagi so have 10 you get 10 mins but ill need to tell you what izanagi does so izanagi is a sharingan genjutsu that is placed on the user doesnt do harm to them what it does is revive the user if someone kill em they will come back to life with full health it like a sub jutsu but the enemy may think there dead but the body disapers and the user of izanagi pop up somewere near the enemy while izanagi places the user under genjutsu the user can still attack while it active ant attack and any jutsu typ can be used whil izanagi is on no attack from the enemy can harm the user while izanagi is on the user can still turn it off when ever they want to save the rest of the eyes for later.
both uchiha and non-clan can use this jutsu so if you can added it that whould be good tnx Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 2 new jutsu eye steal and izanagi   Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:00 am

luks like an op idea >:/
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2 new jutsu eye steal and izanagi
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