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PostSubject: Suggestions.   Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:54 am

Paper clan(Personal favorite xD)-
Paper spear
Explosive tagged paper clones/Explosive paper AOE

Clan Founders should have an exclusive jutsu, based on the clan of course, just to make the position more sought after.

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes! Everyone in this game wants their character to be more diverse looking. Madara armor, kage outfits to chose from, Donso, Orochimaru, etc.

The Seven Swordsman-Does not have to be exclusively to mist or else everyone & their dog will be a misty.
Sword effects/slash type depend on the sword selected. Leader has all swords & can distribute them among the team.
Seven swordsman could just be swords that are prized at tournys so you could be an akat member/hokage with a sword (Kisame for example)

Tourny items..items that are exclusive to characters in the anime (White fang's tanto, Minatos Kunai thingys, Orochimarus sword etc.)

Village headbands/styles-Yamato styled, Shikamaru styled, Rock lee styled, etc

Thats all for now.
Don't feel like reading this over because of people getting stronger than me as a type xD.
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